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I don't like scary movies

Seriously, I don't like scary movies. I am sure of this, because I just watched one. It was accidental, because foxtel doesn't give any genre information in their on-screen program summary, and by the time I realised it was going to be scary, I'd already got far enough into the story that I needed to see how it worked out. Besides, Chris Noth was in it (sort of).

I don't enjoy the stress of scary movies. I don't like the dread of bad things happening to the good people, especially LeeLee Sobieski, who is quirky and cute, no matter what character she is playing. This scariness stays with me, especially if I was very scared. Being forced to watch "Jaws" for my end-of-Grade-6 class activity left me afraid of the deep end of swimming pools for years, and the thought of swimming in tide pool practically gave me a heart attack. It may well still do, but I don't think I'll force the issue.

I also don't enjoy scary books. I've always thought it&#…